List of Mobile App Developers in Singapore

With the increased popularity of mobile apps in Singapore there are a lot of developers who have flooded the market. They are all focused to take share of income that comes with these apps. Just like when you are doing shopping for other products, you need to understand some of the mobile app developers in the country. To assist you in the process here is a list of mobile app developers in Singapore.

Massive infinity

If you want a great mobile app, this is where you should expect to get the best. The company offers mobile app development in Singapore and has developers with enough experience in working on different projects such as utilities, entertainment, social networking applications and productivity for both IOs and Android devices. You can contact the company anytime that you want with your specific mobile app needs and expect to get the best. Check their website at

Affle Appstudioz

This is one of fastest growing mobile app developer in Singapore. Affle specializes in not only in app development, but also in app marketing and other analytic services over its MAAS platform. It specializes in understanding the mobility need of its clients and offers the best solution to them.


OM software is an app developer that has been in this business for many years. In all these years, the company has made great strides in developing mobile app that help solve a lot of issues to its clients. It specializes in development of mobile apps for insurance firms, telecoms or healthcare.

mobile application

Charles Rudd

Charles Rudd is a developer that specializes in many services such as mobile app development, desktop app development, search engine optimization and other net solutions. It helps in developing the mobile apps to different companies in wide range of fields including education health care and others.


Skylark infotech is a mobile app developer that also provides other services including mobile design. The company has a great portfolio in both web and mobile app development. However, it highly specializes in mobile apps. It has a team of more than seventy developers. The company caters for industries such as healthcare, news, hospitality, online retail, entertainment and hospitality. The developer helps their clients in molding their idea into reality.

Singsys Pte Ltd

Singsys is another popular app development company in Singapore with team of experts who can develop any mobile app depending on the customer request. It also offers other wide range of e-commerce solutions to both small and large businesses in Singapore.


Pixelter assists businesses in Singapore to reach their potential on their mobile devices. The company offers custom made services that follow the latest trends in the industry. This is an app developer with the ability to help you make a lot of money on mobile devices.


Mobile apps are now favorite throughout the world. The company has the ability to develop and design successful mobile applications for android, iOS and other mobile devices. Vinova helps in development of mobile apps including online booking, property listing and even educational games. You can get high quality and innovative iphone apps.

List of Computer Stores in Singapore

When you are looking forward to shop for a computer in Singapore, you do not have to worry a lot because there are a lot of stores where you can do the purchase. There has been an increase in the number of computer stores because of their increased usage. The many stores have come up to take advantage of this high demand. To assist you as you do the shopping, below is a list of computer stores in Singapore.


This is one of the best computer stores where you can buy the best computer in Singapore. In this store, you will be able to find all computer related products ranging from high end models of desktops, laptops, tablets and others. They also provide types of software. In addition, you will also be able to get different types and brands of computer mouse devices, keyboards and many other accessories. There are different outlets available allover the country, meaning that you can find a challenger store near your place. This computer store also offers great deal for its members. They enjoy buying the chosen products at a more discounted price and can also earn rewards points that are exchanged with attractive gifts.


This is a family owned stores that sells different products including computers. It was started in 1952 and since 1974 it has changed and started providing all computer related accessories. The good thing is that the store offer computers and other accessories at a competitive price compared to many other computer stores in the country. You also get personalized customer support which makes the store unique from others.


Portrait of young chinese man working as clerk in computer and technology store, smiling at camera and leaning on desk in shop
Portrait of young chinese man working as clerk in computer and technology store, smiling at camera and leaning on desk in shop

Sim lim square

Sim Lim square is the first place that computer enthusiasts do their shopping. This is a store where you can buy other computer parts and accessories including power supply, motherboards, graphics, RAM and CPU chips. Most of these stores are found on the fourth floor onwards. This is one of the biggest and oldest malls that provide computers in Singapore. It is also popular among many people because it offers bargains on accessories such as digital cameras, laptops, Xboxes and others.

Funan Digital Life IT mall

This is a great mall that is located in the city center in Singapore. It has more space and is decorated which makes it look unique from others. It is usually viewed by many computer customers as the best place to do the shopping because its merchants are very trustworthy and they also offer their computers at very competitive price.

Newegg Inc.

Newegg is another great computer stores where you can find the different computers and others accessories at an affordable price. It is on online store that has managed to take the lead in the industry. It offers customers great shopping experience, high quality customer service and quick delivery. Customers are also provided with reliable information such as how to use and also buy different computer products. You can determine how good the computer store is just by reading the different online reviews given by their customers.

List of TV Stores in Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you are very lucky because if you need a TV there are a lot of stores where you can make the purchase. The country is a shopping paradise where you can get any model of television regardless of the price or any other features that you want. It is also worth noting that millions of people come into the country to buy televisions and other electronics. Here you can be assured that you will get the latest televisions to buy. To assist you as you do your shopping, here is a list of TV stores in Singapore.

Funan Digital life mall

This is one of the best malls where you can find any kind of electronics that you would want to buy. It sells myriads of televisions at competitive and affordable prices. The store adheres to stringent trading codes to provide customer with high quality and reasonably priced TVs. Customers are also provided with fair warranties and transparent receipts. The good thing is that you will be able to buy televisions that are also manufactured from other countries around the world, so you can be assured that you will be spoilt of options.


This is another store where you can get television at a very fair price. This store is well known for providing customers with high quality television at reduced prices. When you buy television from this store, you can be lucky to get a lot of free gifts which makes it unique from other stores in the country. You can also buy television set of any model that you want and from different major companies around the world.


Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is one of the electronic shops in Singapore that is well known for stocking wide range of electronic items. The store offer excellent service to customers with very helpful staff who have a lot of knowledge about the working mechanism of different television models stocked. They do not apply hard selling techniques to their customers. This makes the customers have a pleasant experience when doing their shopping here. You can also get television sets from manufacturers from different parts of the world, so you are not limited.

Mega discount store

This is one of the most popular TV stores that is well known not only in Singapore, but also other parts of the world. It sells a lot of home appliances including high quality Television sets at a discounted price. The store offers great discounts in all its products and the good thing is that the TVs sold here are of great quality meaning that you can stay with it for long. You are also given warranty and there is a return policy.

LG Singapore

LG Singapore is another popular TV store that sells high quality products to its customers. The store is committed and dedicated to providing television sets that work best for you. You can get different models of television including LED TV, curved TV, plasma, UHD and others.

List of Mobile Repair Stores in Singapore

If your mobile phone has broken up in Singapore, you do not have to worry a lot because there are different mobile repair stores where you can take your phone and have it repaired in the right way. All what you need to do is to take your time to ensure that you take your phone to a repair store that has the ability to offer you high quality repair services. In addition, it is paramount that you understand the problem with your mobile phone so that you are very clear when explaining the issues to the repair store that you take it. Here is a list of mobile repair stores in Singapore.


This is one of the major mobile repair stores in the country. This is a store that is liked by clients because it provides up to three months warranty for parts and six months warranty for labor. For those problems that other stores might not be able to offer the right solution, BreakFixNow has the ability to fix such issues within the shortest possible time. The company has highly qualified technicians who have the ability to work on any issue with your mobile phone regardless of its model. The staff offers reliable advice and right estimations for the cost and time that you will be able to get your mobile phone fixed in the right way. The store usually takes pride in serving customers and ensuring that they get the satisfactory results regardless of the problem with their phones. They also accept payment when you are satisfied with the repair services provided.



This is another mobile repair store in Singapore that offers on the spot repairs for all models of mobile phones. They perform repairs at the home, office or any other convenient location according to the preferences of the clients. It takes just twenty five to sixty minutes to have your mobile repaired by technicians from this store. They also provide competitive pricing and all you need to do is to inform about the model of your mobile phone and the problem and you get the price generated automatically.


This is one of the oldest and experienced mobile repair store that has been operating since 2007. It focuses mainly on Apple’s devices such as ipad, iphone and iPods. The store has technicians who have great experience in carrying out different types of repairs. They use original parts when doing the repair meaning that you can expect nothing, but the best from them. The store prides itself with high quality and honesty on all the work that they do.

IPHIX repair

IPHIX repair is another great mobile repair store that also works with original parts of your mobile device. The technicians have high level qualifications, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your mobile device is in the right hands. The store also performs free diagnostic before they can inform you if it is possible to repair your mobile device or not. The experts also teach you how you can differentiate between original and non original parts.

List of Mobile Stores in Singapore

Studies have shown Singapore is leading in smartphone usage and engagement. In Singapore, smartphones are popular than computers.

Shopping for smartphones is a trend in Singapore. 48% of people in Singapore research on products using their phone before buying. The country is a “mobile first country”.

The Singaporeans use their smartphones to:

· Listen to music

· Play online games

· Watch online videos

· Research on goods before buying

· Watch TV

· Check online banking services.

· Book flights online

To get the best mobile phone deals and accessories visit the following stores


#1. Mobile Square. The mobile square was established in 2001 and is one of the first mobile shop in Singapore The company provides low and transparent pricing policy. The company is among the top ten websites in the Hitwise ranking for Singapore shopping

#2. Samsung Singapore. Samsung Singapore creates superior mobile products that contribute to a better global society. Samsung products are satisfied customers needs

#3. WhyMobile. WhyMobile offers used and new cell phones. Their services include door to door deliveries, competitive prices, a wide range of products and easy to navigate the virtual store.

#4. Moby. Moby has the latest mobile handsets and accessories at best prices. The company deals with used and new mobile phones

#5. SGBEST. SGBEST trades in new original and unlocking mobile phones worldwide, Prices can be very low to benefit the consumer because they b buy in large quantity. SGBEST provides online services and offers a wide range mobile products.

#6. LG Singapore. LG Singapore offers the latest LG mobile phones in the market. The store trades in all LG products.

#7.HTC Smartphones. HTC Smartphone store deals with all HTC products. It has the latest HTC mobile products. The store has HTC camera, tablets, and phones.

The increase in mobile usage in Singapore has led to the development of mobile apps. Mobile apps are of great help because;

• Sellers can reach a large audience of consumers

• It is a direct market Channel

• Provides value for consumers

• It is a source of entertainment

• Builds brand and recognition

• Improve your customer’s engagement

• Help you stand out of competition

Here are some of Mobile Apps Developers in Singapore

1. Massive Infinity. Massive Infinity has experience in working in a wide range of mobile applications for Android and IOS device like games, entertainment, social networking productivity, news, utilities

2. Singapore Apps. Singapore Apps provide top mobile solutions to businesses. The Singapore app is available on Android and iOS devices.

3. Robust TechHouse. Robust Techhouse deals with e-commerce, mobile commerce and FnTech Web and apps development ranging from startup to large businesses.

4. BuUuk Developers. BuUuk develops a mobile app for both Android and Ios devices. The give the best services

5. Singsys Developers. Singsys develops the web and mobile applications with technologies like PHP based Drupal and Joomla. It offers e-commerce solutions to it, clients.

6. Zoliotech. Zoliotech is a mobile app developer for iPhone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry and Windows. It offers mobile apps, e-commerce, game development, web application, training courses and augmented reality.

Choose the mobile app of your choice and enjoy the different offers of the developers.

List of Software(PC) Developers in Singapore

Software development is one of the fields that is growing at a very high rate in the modern times. This has been enhanced by the increased use of different type of software in different industries. Singapore has not be left behind because there are a lot of software(PC) developers in the country. Here is a list of software(PC) developers in Singapore.


This is one of the most popular software developers in the country. It provides IT and other solutions to individuals, organizations and businesses in the country and beyond. The company has highly qualified employees who work in the different offices in the region. It assists clients to make plans, develop and support their IT infrastructure. Some of the major clients that the company works with include BMW, pacific Morgan and others.

ECS holding limited

This is an information and communication tech firm that has three major businesses. It deals in distribution, enterprise systems and other ICT services. It is well know for providing software solution that meets the specific needs of its clients. Some of its major clients include BEA, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and others.

ETact solutions

This is a software development company that is located along 32 wallich street Singapore. It offers wide range of IT solutions such as mobile banking, banking, e-commerce, office automation and other solutions. The company works with clients such as DBS bank, Singapore exchange and many others.

Web Developer's laptop
Web Developer’s laptop

M. Tech

Another software developer located along 18 Boon Lay way Singapore. This is leading IT security solutions distributor with the head office in Singapore and other offices in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and China. It provides software solutions to brands such as RSA security, Check point, Nokia and others.

IBM Singapore Pte Ltd

This is another major software developer in Singapore that is located in 9 changi Business Park central 1. This is a branch of the leading world IT firm that is well known for creating, developing and manufacturing of computer software, systems, storage devices and other microelectronics systems.

Oracle Singapore

Oracle Singapore is located along 6 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore. It provides 100 percent internet ready platform, applications and tools. In addition the company also provides other related education, consulting and support services.


This is an independent software development firm that provides services such as consulting, integration and development. It also provides solutions in data centre consulting, customer relationship management, knowledge management and others.

Web synergies

This is another great IT software firm that has offices in Singapore and also in India. Some of the activities of the company includes wireless and web development, multimedia, electronic commerce, internet and hosting applications. The company works with major clients such as SMEs, fortune 50 companies and other government bodies.

Sybase Pte Ltd

Sybase offer mobile and enterprise software to manage, mobilize and analyze information or data across all systems. It services several industries including telecom, manufacturing, financial services and government sectors.

TradeGecko Pte Ltd

This is another software developer in Singapore that offer online inventory and order management software for smart companies. It provides customer relationship software to different clients.